Triple Crown: May 29-31, 2021


15 Diamond: 15 Open 16 Diamond: 16 Open 17 Diamond: 17 Open 18 Diamond: 18 Open


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Feb. 8th 2021
Below is a friendly reminder about lodging since this is the “official” week of the NIT and we don’t want your families to stress about their lodging reservations in KC.

If your team, club, and  parents booked through the Hotel Planner link we provided for the NIT,  they DON”T need to worry or stress about cancelling any reservations with the NIT Lodging team or with Sarah or I. The hotels never received any official reservations or credit card information so there was NO charges applied to any credit cards for the February event!

A.15 Diamond/16 Diamond/17 Diamond/18 Diamond
These teams are team-travel unless family-travel option was chosen. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and would like to request families that have chosen family travel to book the same hotel under our block BEFORE the deadline.

B. If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (, our Travel Coordinator 


Website Locations Schedule Spectator Absence Letter Jerseys
D1: Black/White(L)

D2: White/Blue(L)

D3: Blue/Black(L)

Depart: 2/12
RDU - BNA; WN2496; 740-820A
BNA - MCI; WN225; 945-1125A
• Return: 2/15
MCI - BNA; WN510; 5:20-6:45P
BNA - RDU; WN952; 7:25-9:50P

Note: Due to COVID-19 flights are constantly changing to ensure the flights are at full capacity (this is already second change within a few days)
• Meet at RDU's SW counter @ 6A
• Need to bring your ID
• Pack VB items in backpack as a carry-on in case luggage is lost. One checked bag is allowed
 Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee
• Teams need to bring warmup balls w/o ball carts


Latest Event Update

Triple Crown Volleyball is still feeling a bit down that we won’t be seeing so many of you in Kansas City this weekend, with the 2021 TC NIT being postponed to May 28-31.

Maybe this is a glass-is-half-full situation — temperatures will fall below zero throughout President’s Day Weekend, so you can stash your sherpas and look forward to warmer, friendlier conditions when we return in late May!

Either way, we hope you are getting on the court soon, playing hard and playing it safe as volleyball returns to (somewhat) normal. 

We have more than 450 teams committed to play in the NIT in May!  We've updated the Who’s Coming list; check back regularly for the latest additions: