AAU National: June 18-29, 2021

12 Diamond: 12 Premier 12 AAU: 12 Club      
13 Diamond: 13 Open 13 Crystal: 13 Club 13 AAU: 13 Classic    
14 Diamond: 14 Premier 14 Crystal: 14 Club 14 Jade: 14 Aspire 14 AAU: 14 Classic  
15 Diamond: 15 Open 15 Crystal: 15 Premier 15 Jade: 15 Club 15 Pearl: 15 Aspire 15 AAU: 15 Classic
16 Diamond: 16 Open 16 Crystal: 16 Premier 16 Jade: 16 Club 16 Pearl: 16 Aspire  
17 Diamond: 17 Open 17 Crystal: 17 Premier 17 Jade: 17 Club 17 Pearl: 17 Aspire  

Wave 1
 10U, 11Open, 11Club, 12 Open, 12 Premier, 12 Club, 12 Classic, 13 Open, 13 Premier, 13 Club, 13 Classic, 14 Open, 14 Premier, 14 Club, 14 Aspire, 14 Classic, 18 Open, 18 Premier
Registration: June 17, 2021          Competition Dates: June 18-21, 2021

Wave 2
15 Open, 15 Premier, 15 Club, 15 Aspire, 15 Classic, 17 Open, 17 Premier, 17 Club
Registration: June 21, 2021          Competition: June 22-25, 2021
Wave 3
 16 Open, 16 Premier, 16 Club, 16 Aspire, 16 Classic, 17 Aspire, 17 Classic, 18 Club, 18 Classic, High School
Registration: June 25, 2021          Competition: June 26-29, 2021


Hyatt Regency Orlando 
9801 International Drive, Orlando
$139.00, plus tax, waived resort fee
Walking distance/directly next door to the tournament location
Deadline to book: April 16, 2021
After this date, please click "BOOK HOTEL" button below or call for availability.

 If reserved via AAU Official Hotels site or phone number:
- Waived daily resort fee (normally $33.75/night)
- Free self-parking for registered, overnight guests (normally $27.00/night); Free WiFi
- Queen/Queen beds; or Kings based on availability.

Wave 1: 12D/12A/13D/13C/13A/14D/14C/14J/14A
Check In:              June 17, 2021
Check Out:          June 21, 2021

- Click "BOOK HOTEL" button
- Or CALL CENTER 866-587-4922; M-F 830-530P
- Room block: NC Academy
- Or call center code: NCAW1

Wave 2: 15D/15C/5J/15P/15A/17D/17C/17J
Check In:          June 21, 2021
Check Out:       June 25, 2021


-Click "BOOK HOTEL" button

- Or CALL CENTER 866-587-4922 ; M-F 830-530P
- Room block: NC Academy
- Or call center code: NCAW2

Wave 3: 16D/16C/16J/16P/17P
Check In:            June 25, 2021
Check Out:         June 29, 2021

- Click "BOOK HOTEL" button
- Or CALL CENTER 866-587-4922; M-F 830-530P
- Room block: NC Academy
- Or call center code: NCAW3

A. 13 Diamond/13 Crystal/14 Diamond/14 Crystal/14 Jade/15 Pearl/16 Pearl/17 Pearl:
These are family-travel teams. We strongly encourage all families to book/stay under the club block in the selected club hotels. 
B. 15 Diamond/15 Crystal/15 Jade/16 Diamond/16 Crystal/16 Jade/17 Diamond/17 Crystal/17 Jade:
These are team-travel teams. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and have some extra rooms for parents on the first-come, first-serve basis BEFORE the deadline.
C. 12 Diamond(AAU)/12 AAU/13 AAU/14 AAU/15 AAU:
These are family-travel teams. Club hotel options will be offered once the teams are formed after tryouts in early April. 
D. There will be NO rooms available under the club block after the deadline. Please book ASAP.  


Website Locations Schedule Spectator Jerseys
• AAU membership required
• Club Code: 
•A copy of birth certificate is required
• Please give it to your coaches

D1: Black/White(L)
D2: White/Blue(L)
D3: Blue/Black(L)

D4: Black/White(L)

•To accommodate family vacation plan, there is NO club transportation included
• All families are responsible for their own travel to and from Orlando. 


Latest Event Updates

June 3, 2021

Thank you for participating in the 2021 AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships!  Please see below for some updated information ahead of the event!


This is event is taking place in the North, South, and West Halls of the Orange County Convention Center.  CLICK HERE for a parking map.

North Hall: Courts 1-62

South Hall: Courts 63-130

West Hall: Courts 131-171


AM/PM Waves are available and can be vewied HERE. The schedule will be released on AES about a week before your competition dates.


As capacity restrictions due to COVID-19 are being lifted, we will no longer be limiting the number of spectators at this years AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships. All spectator tickets must be purchased online.  There will be no onsite cash ticket sales. Spectators will be required to follow all protocols and guidelines, including wearing a face mask at all times.

A 4-day session pass can be purchased for $60.00 per adult and $47.00 per child ages 4 to 9.  Daily tickets are available for $18.00 for adults and $13.00 for children (ages 4-9).   Children 3 and under are free.  After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an email and text with a QR code for each ticket.  All tickets are for the designated individual.  The QR code and a form of identification for adults (driver’s license, passport, etc.) will need to be shown onsite to gain admittance.

All spectators, adults and children, MUST bring a signed waiver to be submitted upon admittance.  If you purchase a 4-day session pass, you will only need to submit the waiver one time.  If you purchase multiple daily passes, you will need to submit the waiver each day.   Please print, sign and bring your waiver.

Adult Release & Waiver
Minor Release & Waiver

There will be separate entrances and exits for each of the halls.  The entrances will be located at North Hall B (NB), South Hall B (SB) and West Hall A (WA). 

Click here to purchase your tickets.


All participants (athletes, bench personnel, chaperones, and spectators) will be required to complete a waiver before entering the event.  Please have each person that will be attending the event with your team(s) complete an adult or minor waiver linked below.


An AAU representative has already reached out to you about your team waivers (athletes, bench personnel, and chaperones). These waivers should be submitted to that representative prior to team check-in. If you do not submit your waivers ahead of time, you will need to bring them to team check-in. Spectator waivers must be presented on-site with tickets to enter the event. 


There is NO coaches meeting on-site. Please make sure that all of your coaches watch the coaches video HERE. This coaches video will take the place of an on-site coaches meeting.


Get social with AAU Volleyball at the 48th #AAUVBNatls! Do you want your club to be featured on the AAU Volleyball page?! Send your clubs social handles to jmallard@aausports.org and our social team will come find you at nationals! 


BallerTV - Watch all matches live!

Baden - Official Volleyball of AAU

CaptainU - Official College Recruiting Partner

Eleven22 - Official Net Systems of AAU Volleyball

Fine Designs - Official Event Merchandise

Flippers - Official Pizza of AAU National Championships

Ready Nutrition - Official Sports Drink of AAU

For any other event information, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your participation in the AAU!