Mideast Qualifier: Mar 19-21, 2021


  18 Crystal: 18 American


Deadline: December 15th, 2020

Team Hotel:

Fairfield Inn Louisville North

619 North Shore
Jeffersonville, In 47130

A. 18 Diamond/18 Crystal: These teams are team-travel unless family-travel option was chosen. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and would like to request families that have chosen family travel to book the same hotel under our block BEFORE the deadline.

B. If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (krista@ncacademyvb.org), our Travel Coordinator 


Website Locations Schedule Spectator Absence Letter Jerseys
D1: Black/White(L)
D2: White/Blue(L)
D3: Blue/Black(L)

• Return: 3/18, RDU-ATL, WN1664; 715-850A
ATL-SDF; WN1476; 1135-100P
• Return: 3/21, SDF-ATL, WN1863; 450-610P
ATL-RDU; WN0164; 940-1105P

• All players meet at RDU's Southwest ticket counter @ 545A
• Players will need an ID
• Players should pack volleyball gear/items in their backpack as a carry on in case luggage is lost. You are allowed one checked bag
• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee

Latest Event Update(March 9, 2021)

Excited to get ready for MEQ Louisville.  Just passing some information on that is important for you and your teams.

I have attached the COVID protocols for the weekend. Please make sure that all of your teams, coaches, and parents read through it as there are quite a few things that are slightly different than normal. I will put a few points of emphasis here, but again, please make sure that everyone reads through them.

  1. Each team will be allotted 25 spectators per team.  We will send out more information on this on the week of the event.  Each team is responsible on how to divvy these tickets up but once the tickets are all bought, there will be no more allotted to the team.  Tickets will be sold on a daily pass in order to allow for as much flexibility within a team as possible.  We had a choice of either selling only 3 day passes or selling daily passes and did not want people to have to buy tickets for days they were not using them.  Tickets are non-transferable and should only be used for the team they are being purchased for.
  2. All attendees have to wear a mask at the event. Failure to comply could result in the removal of the team without refunds. Athletes on the court are not required to wear a mask, but are allowed if they so choose. Athletes and coaches on the sideline must mask up.
  3. Coaches should bring a touchless thermometer for their players for each day. All athletes and coaches will need to fill out the online waiver/contact tracing form for the weekend to be allowed in the event.
  4. Registration will be at the Expo Center in room 109 on Thursday night from 3 PM to 9 PM.   This is where the staff will check your online waivers and give you  credentials for the weekend to allow you in the facility. Without these credentials coaches will not be allowed in.  
  5. The event will be ran with normal formats and 2 waves.  The 8 AM wave doors will open at 7 AM.  The PM wave will open doors no more than 30 minutes before playing time.
  6. When teams are finished with play, they must exit the facility. No congregating will be allowed in the facility.  When teams are off, they need to either leave the facility or move to open areas.  Watching other teams within your club is not allowed as we need to keep the courts as evenly distributed as possible.
  7. The main tournament desk and trainers (as well as Pro Shop) will be in the East Hall.
  8. Baller TV will be streaming all matches for people who are not allowed in (and college coaches who are on dead period).
  9. The schedule is posted without seedings.  These will be getting finalized in the next week or so.  There will continue to be changes however, so make sure to check often.

Again, I suggest everyone reading through the posted COVID protocols and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Due to COVID restrictions, our ticketing process for spectators will be a different, so please read through all the information below IN DETAIL and share with your parents. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at rbozell@capitolsportscenter.com

Please note, these changes are being put in effect for THIS YEAR ONLY, in order to provide the safest environment possible so that teams are able to play in a convention setting.


Spectator Limitations:
ONLY children 2 years and under will be free.

Due to capacity restrictions, team's will be limited to a maximum of 25 spectators per team, per day. No exceptions. This includes siblings and other children.

Everyone attending 3 years and older, must have a PAID admission ticket! 

These numbers are in addition to the athletes and 3 staff members included on your roster for each team. This is being mandated by the Kentucky Department of Health.

Spectator Ticketing Coupon Codes:

Unlike before, parents & spectators will not be able to purchase a ticket online without a team coupon code.

The ticket purchase coupon codes for each team will be sent to the club director's email address that is provided in AES on Mar 15th, 2021 by 6pm.

With this in mind, it will be imperative that your club chooses what process you will use to distribute the coupon codes to your spectators, as well as WHO will attend from each team, well in advance of ticketing opening on Mar 15th, 2021 by 8pm EST

  • We, the tournament staff, will not distribute any coupon codes to parents who contact us directly, or request us to do so. This is the responsibility of the club.

Director's Responsibility:

  • Directors will be the ones who distribute the coupon code to the parents before ticketing opens.
  • Communicate this to your parents & staff immediately to ensure they understand these limitations in order to allow equal attendance for all. 

Important Information:

  • Once the coupon code reaches max capacity of use, it will no longer be eligible to use for ticket purchases.
  • To make sure that all parents/spectators have an opportunity to purchase a ticket, only one ticket can be purchased per transaction.
    • i.e. - Mom cannot purchase her ticket, Dad's ticket and Sibling's ticket in a single transaction. They will all need to be done separately. 

Our Recommendations:

  1. Plan ahead to help alleviate anyone being left out or an uneven distribution.
  2. Collect the names of who (including siblings) would like to attend.
  3. Create & Share your list of approved attendees to each team .
  4. Distribute The Code with complete instructions on how to make a purchase to your spectators (see below).

Ticket Options & Pricing:

  • We will only be providing Daily Passes for the Mid East Qualifier in Louisville.
  • Each person will have to go in and buy a Daily Pass for each day of the event.
  • Partial refunds will not be given if someone does not attend
  • There will be NO onsite sales. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Agreements To Attend:

By attending, spectators AND teams are agreeing to:

  • Parents with children in both waves will be able to re-enter with the same ticket after the first wave.
    • We are suggesting that siblings playing in opposing waves do not attend the other wave to watch.
  • Ticketed Spectators are the only ones who are allowed to sit in the spectator seating section.
    • Athletes who are not playing will be asked to leave the building if they are sitting in the spectator seating sections.

How To Purchase Tickets:

Once director's distribute coupon codes to their spectator lists (per team!), spectators will go to:

  1. https://tickets.sportwrench.com/buy/?event=633633210
  2. Enter coupon code, hit apply!
  3. Follow the prompts

Ticket will be emailed and/or texted in the form of a QR Code to the individual who purchased the ticket.

Please forward your parents to our Spectator's Admissions page for more information on our entry procedures.


In order to reduce person-to-person contact, we will NOT have onsite ticketing purchasing available.

Spectators can only purchase tickets online at https://tickets.sportwrench.com/buy/?event=633633210 using the coupon code that the director supplies them with.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times. Again, if you have any questions regarding our spectator ticket limitations OR admission process, please email us at rbozell@capitolsportscenter.com

Mid East Qualifier Staff