North Carolina Volleyball Academy (Academy) is committed to delivering premium volleyball education that has lasting impact on student-athletes' lifetime.

Academy, founded in 2008, is an non-profit organization with the purpose of building solid volleyball skills and promoting enjoyment of volleyball for life. The organization was founded by true professionals that have world-class volleyball and business experiences.

As the first year-round volleyball organization in the Great Raleigh area, we are established as a volleyball academy rather than a club only. Academy offers the best-in-class volleyball training programs that suits the needs of individuals with different volleyball levels and goals. We offer the opportunities for young players to participate in both competitive and developmental volleyball at cost-effective fees.

In Oct., 2012, Academy opened its own dedicated volleyball facility, which is one of the largest volleyball gym in the state. This state-of-art, 5-court facility with central location at RTP offers the greatest opportunity for student-athletes to develop their volleyball skills and support the growth of the sport in the region. During 2018, Academy moved next door to a facility double in size which holds 9 full sized courts.

As a young club on the competitive side of the volleyball, Academy has achieved more than any other clubs in the area. After five club seasons, Academy has become one of the most competitive and recognized clubs in the Region.

  • Since founded, Academy has won at least one Regional championship every season.
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Regional champions in various age groups and divisions
  • 2010, 2011 and 2012 Regional finalist in various age groups and divisions
  • 2012 Junior Nationals Qualifiers (13s, 14s, 15s & 16s)
  • 2018 first Junior National Qualification from a major Qualifier (16 Diamond - USA and 13 Diamond - USA)
  • 2019 first qualification for the 14's division (14 Diamond - USA)
  • 2020 first Open qualification of any Academy team (18 Diamond)
  • 2021 first Open qualification for our 17 Diamond team
  • 2022 first Open qualification earned at a national qualifier in the 14's division of any team in the Carolina Region (14 Diamond), first 12's qualification earned at a national qualifier for any 12's team in the Carolina Region (12 Diamond - USA), and 18 Diamond Open qualification
  • The fastest growing volleyball club in the Region: expanded from 4 teams (2010) to 15 teams (2011), 20 teams (2012), 22 teams (2013), 24 teams (2014), 27 teams (2016), 27 teams (2017), 31 teams (2018), 35 teams (2019), 40 teams (2020), 28 teams (2021 - lower #'s due to COVID-19), and 36 teams (2022)

Our Philosophy
Focus on building strong fundamentals!

Our Approach
We teach basics!