Rumble in Rocky Mount: March 6-7, 2021


12 Diamond: 13's 12 Crystal: 12's 12 Jade: 12's  
13 Crystal: 14's 13 Jade: 13's    
14 Jade: 15's 14 Pearl: 14's 14 Ruby: 14's  
15 Jade: 16's 15 Pearl: 15's 15 Ruby: 15's 15 Sapphire: 15's
16 Pearl: 16's 16 Ruby: 16's    
17 Pearl: 17/18's      


• There is no hotel requirement for this tournament, hotel arranagments are available by the event host for families who are interested(check below)

Please contact Corey with Traveling Teams if you have any questions or need assistance.
Corey Morgan at 1-866-468-3268 ext:808 or via Email:



Website Locations Schedule Spectator Jerseys

D1: Black/Blue(L)

D2: Blue/Black(L)

No club bus is offered for this event. All players travel with their parents. 

Latest Event Update(Feb 25, 2021)

Event Handbook

Spectator Passes:    
We are only selling 2-day weekend passes to this event and cost is $20/eachThe link with team codes will be sent out to each director in a subsequent e-mail

Ticket purchasing will be cut off at 3pm on March 5th.

Coaches listed on the roster will get a free coach wristband at team check-in. There are no wristbands for chaperones, COVID coordinators, etc.

No spectators under the age of 18 - Unfortunately the city of Rocky Mount is NOT allowing any spectators under the age of 18. That is because every event has to be a “chaperone only event” to comply with COVID protocols. Parents/Family over 18 are allowed to count as “chaperones” but siblings/children cannot. I know it's not convenient but it's what we are required to do if we want to host this tournament.

Parents with kids in multiple waves - if you have parents who have kids playing at different times, they do NOT need to purchase 2 different wristbands. We aren't trying to double-charge anyone. Please just instruct those parents to purchase their wristband with the child who plays FIRST during the day. Then the Director needs to send me an email (one per club), listing all the parents in this situation. I know that will take some work on your end, but it's the only way we can ensure we stay under the capacity limit. Please be sure to indicate which waves they are playing in and we will take wristbands out of the allotted stack for them. A sample email is outlined below. 

Sample Email  (one per club only please)

  • Sally Smith - daughter in AM & Mid-Morning wave
  • Ashley Horn - daughter in Mid-Morning & early afternoon wave

COVID Waivers - The RMEC is requiring this to be filled out and handed in by each coach & player at Team Check-In on Friday.  

Coach Check-In:   Friday, March 5th from 5-8pm at Rocky Mount Event Center

Each coach is required to check-in their team Friday night at the Event Center. You will need to bring the following:

  1. A hardcopy of your roster (if it is not loaded in AES before Feb 10th)
  2. All the signed COVID Waivers (one for each player & coach)
  3. JVA Coach Form (one per team)

You will also pick up your team wristbands at that time. There will be NO ticket sales or wristbands provided at the door on Saturday! So someone (coach, team parent, director) has to come Friday night to check-in the team and get the wristbands.


AM: 12s, 13s, 14s

PM: 15s, 16s, 17/18s

Schedules - should be live on AES by EOD Tuesday (March 2nd)

Baller TV

Parking lots & Faciity Map - see attached 2 maps. We are only using 1 entrance (next to parking lot A) and that's where we will have the temperature checks set up. 

Look forward to seeing you all in Rocky Mount this weekend. Travel safely!