2021 Tryouts Released

Date Posted: 8/27/2020

If you missed our 12s tryouts but are still looking for spots on 12s  teams, please email us:

Welcome to 2021 Club Tryouts! We had very successful 14-18s national tryouts, and look forward to the 2nd round tryouts of wave 1 for 11-13s age groups on Sept 26 and 27th. Please sign up for the open gym this weekend(Sept 19th) HERE.

We have decided to offer Wave 2 Regional Plus tryouts for the age group of 14-16s with TWO(14 Pearl/14Ruby) in 14s, TWO(15 Ruby/Sapphire) in 15s and ONE(16 Ruby) in 16s. Tryout Registration is OPEN now. 

14s Regional + Tryout: Oct 3, 10-12PM
15s Regional + Tryout: Oct 3, 11-1PM
16s Regional + Tryout: Oct 3, 12-2PM

Please review the tryout information BEFORE you sign up for open gym, tryouts and heading to our gym on tryout day. Please review " Tryout Overview"; "Coach Assignment" "Key Dates", "Tryout Process" and "Team Guides

We also offer ONE 16s Boys team. Please sign up for Open Gym, view the "Team Guide"

We look forward to seeing you in our gym!