Team Guides

Better Volleyball, Safer Season !

Better Volleyball: with our world-class coaching and competitiveness of teams/players, your club experience will be BETTER even amidst potential tournament cancellations
Safer Season: with FEWER(max of 7) teams in the gym at a time and other stricter safety precautions in the gym and on the road, we will keep you SAFER

Academy 2021 Teams*
  National Regional Plus Regional AAU
11 & Under   1(Diamond)   1(Diamond)
12 & Under   3(Diamond/Crystal/Jade)   2(Diamond/AAU)
13 & Under 2(Diamond/Crystal) 1(Jade)   1(AAU)
14 & Under 4(Diamond/Crystal/Jadel) 2(Pearl/Ruby) - Wave 2   2(AAU/National)
15 & Under 4(Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl) 2(Ruby/Sapphire) - Wave 2   1(AAU)
16 & Under 4(Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl) 1(Ruby) - Wave 2   1(AAU)
17 & Under 4(Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl)      
18 & Under 2(Diamond/Crystal)      
Boys      16U: 1    

* Tryouts are offered in TWO waves. Wave 1 is mainly for national or top teams in each age group, while wave 2 is focused on regional teams. Wave 2 tryouts that will be decided later is highly depending on COVID-19 developments, school seasons and interest level. 
* For the safety of our players and coaching staff, if needed Academy plans to operate on a much reduced scale( Max. of 7 teams instead of 9 in the gym at a time), which will also support local small clubs to fill up their teams. Sadly, it means we might not be able to offer all or some wave 2 teams. 

Most Competitive & Family-friendly Club Program

Academy club program offers the opportunities for wider range of student-athletes to enjoy the club volleyball experiences. With world-class coaching staff, best-in-class training, competitive schedule and performance, Academy is one of the most competitive and well-respected volleyball clubs in the nation. Meanwhile, Academy understands the principal value of junior sports. Academy is proud of offering the most family-friendly program that allows parents' involvement in their children's tournament experiences, especially at the age groups of 11-15's. Unlike most other local clubs, Academy strategically offers two travel options: Family-Travel policy and Team-Travel policy as below,

• Team Travel (travel costs built in the team dues): 15 Diamond; 15 Crystal; 15 Jade; 16 Diamond; 16 Crystal; 16 Jade; 17 Diamond; 17 Crystal; 17 Jade; 18 Diamond; 18 Crystal
• Family Travel (travel costs NOT built in the team dues): ALL 11-14s teams; ;15 Pearl, 16 Pearl, 17 Pearl, All Boys teams

Team Guides (click below to open the files)


Practice Player Policy

  1. Each team can accept up to 1-2 practice players in addition to 10-11 full players
  2. A player could be a practice player on one team while being a full player on another team
  3. Practice players only practice with the teams without attending tournaments
  4. Practice players pay 50-60% team dues and uniforms are not required
  5. Practice player positions are offered/accepted based on their skills and availability. It could be at any time during the club season.
  6. Practice players might be invited to attend tournaments based on the need of the team and coach's decisions
  7. Practice player option is designed for players who are not able to fully commit to the team(multiple sports/activities) or not able to make the team
  8. Practice players are required to attend tryout sessions as well
  9. You could select 'Practice Player" under "Player Type" at online tryout registration

Standard Payment Schedule

  1. Uniform Fee Paid @ online ordering
  2. For team specific schedule, please check Team Guides for details.
  3. For extended schedule, please contact us(

Team Practice Schedule
Team practices start TBD
Details will be available soon on Academy Calendar.