2023 Tryouts

Tryouts are a very stressful time for players and parents. We do our very best to make tryouts as comfortable, fun and productive as possible, while continuing to provide a healthy club/tryout experience with openness, diversity and trust. Academy takes great pride in continuing the success of being one of the most competitive and well-respected clubs in the nation. 

Why Academy

Premium learning environment 
with Unique academy model
World-Class Coaching Staff 
with Excellence through coaching consistency
Best-in-Class Training 
with Fundamental-focused philosophy
Top Ranked in The Nation 
with THE highest competitiveness
Healthy Club Culture 
with Openness, Diversity and Trust
State-of-the-art Facility 
with 9 Taraflex® courts 

Tryout Schedule

USAV Ages Tryouts
Open 6/15
Open Gym(FREE)
Open Now
Other Dates
11U (born on or after 7/1/2011)
12U (born on or after 7/1/2010)
Session 1 – Sa, 10/8; 1-3P
Session 2 – Su, 10/9; 1130-1P

Sa, 9/17; 1130-1P
Sa, 9/24; 1130-1P
Sa, 10/1; 1130-1P

Info Sessions*

11-14’s(Zoom Meeting)
#1: 9/22;  7-8P
Meeting ID: 870 2769 9353
Passcode: 267621

#2: 10/1; 10-11A
Meeting ID: 899 1102 9819
Passcode: 008728


Sa, 7/23; 10-11A
Sa, 7/30; 10-11A

* Highly recommended for new players

Club Day(Official celebration)
11-14’s: TBD 
15-18’s: TBD

(born on or after 7/1/2009)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/8; 5-7P
Session 2 - Su, 10/9; 230-4P
(born on or after 7/1/2008)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/8; 9-11A
Session 2 - Su, 10/9; 830-10A
Sa, 9/17; 130-3P
Sa, 9/24; 130-3P

Sa, 10/1; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2008)
Session 1 - Fr, 10/7; 530-730P
Session 2 - Su, 10/9; 530-7P
(born on or after 7/1/2007)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/6; 5-7P
Session 2 - Su, 8/7; 5-630P 
Sa, 7/23; 1130-1P
Sa, 7/30; 1130-1P
(born on or after 7/1/2007)
Only Session - Fr, 8/5; 5-7P
(born on or after 7/1/2006)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/6; 1-3P
Session 2 - Su, 8/7; 1-230P
Sa, 7/23; 130-3P
Sa, 7/30; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2006)
Only Session - Fr, 8/5; 6-8P
17U (born on or after 7/1/2005)
18U (born on/after 7/1/2004 or still in HS)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/6; 9-11A
Session 2 - Su, 8/7; 9-1030A
Sa, 7/23; 330-5P
Sa, 7/30; 330-5P


Team Guides

Academy provides the opportunities for wider range of athletes to enjoy the club experiences.
National Teams(20): 12 Diamond; 13 Diamond/Crystal; 14 Diamond/Crystal/Jade; 15 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 16 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 17 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 18 Diamond/Crystal
Regional Teams(15):  11 Diamond/Crystal; 12 Crystal/Jade/Pearl/Ruby; 13 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 14 Pearl/14 Ruby/Sapphire; 15 Ruby; 16 Ruby

We offer the most family-friendly program that allows parents' involvement in their children's tournament experiences, especially at the age groups of 11-15's. 
• Team Travel (travel costs of airfare and hotels are included in team dues. For no-fly tournaments, parents provide the transpotrations and players room together as a team): 15 Diamond; 16 Diamond/Crystal; 17 Diamond/Crystal; 18 Diamond/Crystal
• Family Travel (travel costs NOT built in the team dues): ALL 11-14s teams; 15 Crystal/Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 16 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 17 Jade/Pearl

For ALL teams, 1st practices will begin on Nov. 7th(Mon) after HS State Championship


Tryout Process

- CR Recruiting Statement: Clubs and individuals are permitted to attempt to recruit a player to play with their club at any time. Once a player has committed to a particular club in a specific season, any recruitment can only be for a future season.
CR Tryout Statement: All personal business/legal commitments made between the club and a player’s family will remain the responsibility of the related parties. The Carolina Region will not be responsible for enforcing private agreements. Contracts between a club and family are independent of any region obligations and policies. 
- CR Athlete and Club Bill of Rights for Tryouts: The principles outlined in this document are not absolute or “policy”. It is the responsibility of both parties – club and athlete – to honor every commitment!
USAV Commitment Letter: Athletes must sign a Carolina Region Letter of Commitment form on or after Sept 1st to affirm their club of choice. 
Our Statement: We are a club built on integrity and value the trust of our customers in which they make a verbal commitment so that we can move forward when forming our teams. As stated in our tryout policy if we extend an offer to a student-athlete and they have accepted a position with another club we will and do not influence the student athlete to make a change in their decision.

1. Pre-registration
• Team offers will be made at any stage of announced tryout periods.
   • Please make sure to register the players in the right age groups by USAV Ages. In general, we encourage players to play with their school grades.
   • Please take time to discuss your desires as a family before registering and heading into our tryouts, so that you can have in mind what you would decide once you receive the offer. 
   • Please review our Team Guide so you are fully aware of the practice schedule, team dues, team coaches, as well as the tournament schedule, which you will be committed to.
   • Families completely understand the significant financial commitment of trying out and playing 2023 season at Academy. 
   • Families fully understand their commitment to participate in a travel-based season with out-of-state/town and large indoor tournaments 

2. Register Online(required)
   • 11-14's: $50 by 10/7; $70 from 10/8; 15-18's National: $50 by 8/5; $70 from 8/6; 15-16's Regional: $30 by 8/4; $40 from 8/5
   • If you try out for more than one age/level group, additional registration is required.
   • Refunds or credits will NOT be issued for tryout fees.
   • USAV/AAU membership is NOT required for our tryouts, which is insured by another insurance provider. 

3Attend Tryouts(required)
   • Tryouts will to be CLOSED to ALL spectators/parents
   • Recommend athletes to attend both sessions
   • Check-in begins 30 min. prior to tryout time. Please arrive early for preparations

4Evaluation & Team Selection
   • We determine team selection and make offers by the level of team. It is important to attend the 1st session if you target on the national teams.
   • We do our best to move forward as fast as possible

5. Offer Notification
   • We will contact parents(NOT players) to extend the offer via phone, text messaging, and/or email
   • We will update parents via email and club website the status of process and teams
   • Our goal is to release all offers by 9P, the day after the last tryout session of that age group
   • Be patient if you do not receive our offers since there are still opportunities to be a part of the Academy family

6Your Decisions
   • We ask you to notify us your decision(accept or decline) within 24 hours of the offer being made for the best interest of most players in the process.
   • We expect PARENTS to be the responsible party for your decisions
   • If you accept our offer verbally or via texting/emails, it becomes a binding commitment
   • Once our offer is accepted by you, please notify other clubs and stop attending their tryouts to make their process easier. 
   • Once you accept the offer from another club, please let us know (info@ncacademyvb.org) or contact our coaches) and stop attending our tryouts. 
   • To protect the best interest of the vast majority of players and integrity of tryout process, if a family chooses to walk away from their commitment, our policy will NOT allow THE FAMILY to play for us the current season and/or come back for future seasons.  

7Signing Paperwork
   • Paperwork process(w/o CR Letter of Commitment) begins right after our offer is accepted by you, we expect our signing papers and 1st payment to be completed within 24 hours of  the email is sent. 
   • As soon as you finish the paperwork online, please complete the uniform fitting in our gym IMMEDIATELY(check Calendar for dates/times)

8Club Day
   Club Day, the official celebration will be offered this year(Date/Time: TBD)

Early Offer Process

We extend early(pre-tryout) offers to top talented players who are skillful, fully committed to volleyball, loyal and/or highly interested in playing for Academy. 

1. Legitimacy: It is LEGAL to extend early offers. There is NO regulatory rule defined for it. Many clubs in this area and nationwide do it at their own decisions. We fully respect how other clubs legally operate their own businesses. 
Open/Fair Process: We extend early offers for our top teams based on the player’s talent, skills, commitment, loyalty, intertest level, and the need/fit for the team. It is OPEN for both players who played for Academy in the previous season and who did not. It is a FAIR process that allows everyone to have the chance to come to our gym and earn the offer. It helps not only reduce the stress/pressure and save families money/time, but also speed up the entire process for everyone. Our top teams have NEVER been full before tryouts so there are still plenty opportunities for the student-athletes who have not come to our gym prior to the tryouts.  
Acceptance: If you accept our early offer verbally or via texting/emails, it becomes a binding commitment, then you should still attend our tryouts, but NOT attend other clubs’ tryouts. If you choose to decline the early offer, you will still have the chance to earn it again at regular tryouts if you choose to attend. 
Commitment: We expect parents to be the responsible parties not minor student-athletes for their decisions/commitments. We honor the early offers the same way we do for offers at tryouts. We also expect families to honor their commitments to these early offers. To protect the best interest of the vast majority of players and integrity of tryout process, if a family chooses to walk away from their commitment, our policy will NOT allow THE FAMILY to play for us the current season and/or come back for future seasons.
Interest: If you are truly interested in this process, please feel free to contact us: info@ncacademyvb.org


Opens NOW