2023 Tryouts

Tryouts are a very stressful time for players and parents. We do our very best to make tryouts as comfortable, fun and productive as possible, while continuing to provide a healthy club/tryout experience with openness, diversity and trust. Academy takes great pride in continuing the success of being one of the most competitive and well-respected clubs in the nation. 

Why Academy

Premium learning environment 
with Unique academy model
World-Class Coaching Staff 
with Excellence through coaching consistency
Best-in-Class Training 
with Fundamental-focused philosophy and comprehensive year-round offerings
Top Ranked in The Nation 
with THE highest competitiveness
Healthy Club Culture 
with Openness, Diversity and Trust


State-of-the-art Facility 
with 9 full-sized courts to ensure training quality and consistent schedules

Tryout Schedule

USAV Ages Tryouts
Open 6/15
Open Gym(FREE)
Open Now
Other Dates
11U (born on or after 7/1/2011)
12U (born on or after 7/1/2010)
Session 1 – Sa, 10/8; 1-3P
Session 2 – Su, 10/9; 1130-1P

Sa, 9/17; 1130-1P
Sa, 9/24; 1130-1P
Sa, 10/1; 1130-1P

Info Sessions*

Sa, 9/24;  10-11A
Sa, 10/1; 10-11A                  

Sa, 7/23; 10-11A
Sa, 7/30; 10-11A

* Highly recommended for new players
* 2023 changes will be presented
* Live sessions in our gym

Club Day
(Official celebration)

11-14’s: TBD 
15-18’s: TBD



(born on or after 7/1/2009)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/8; 5-7P
Session 2 - Su, 10/9; 230-4P
(born on or after 7/1/2008)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/8; 9-11A
Session 2 - Su, 10/9; 830-10A
Sa, 9/17; 130-3P
Sa, 9/24; 130-3P

Sa, 10/1; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2008)
Session 1 - Fr, 10/7; 530-730P
Session 2 - Su, 10/9; 530-7P
(born on or after 7/1/2007)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/6; 5-7P
Session 2 - Su, 8/7; 5-630P 
Sa, 7/23; 1130-1P
Sa, 7/30; 1130-1P
(born on or after 7/1/2007)
Only Session - Fr, 8/5; 5-7P
(born on or after 7/1/2006)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/6; 1-3P
Session 2 - Su, 8/7; 1-230P
Sa, 7/23; 130-3P
Sa, 7/30; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2006)
Only Session - Fr, 8/5; 6-8P
17U (born on or after 7/1/2005)
18U (born on/after 7/1/2004 or still in HS)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/6; 9-11A
Session 2 - Su, 8/7; 9-1030A
Sa, 7/23; 330-5P
Sa, 7/30; 330-5P


Team Guides

Academy provides the opportunities for wider range of athletes to enjoy the club experiences.
National Teams(20): 12 Diamond; 13 Diamond/Crystal; 14 Diamond/Crystal/Jade; 15 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 16 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 17 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 18 Diamond/Crystal
Regional Teams(15):  11 Diamond/Crystal; 12 Crystal/Jade/Pearl/Ruby; 13 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 14 Pearl/14 Ruby/Sapphire; 15 Ruby; 16 Ruby

We are proud of offering the most family-friendly program that allows parents' involvement in their children's tournament experiences, especially at the age groups of 11-15's. 
• Team Travel (travel costs of airfare and hotels are included in team dues. For no-fly tournaments, parents provide the transpotrations and players room together as a team): 15 Diamond; 16 Diamond/Crystal; 17 Diamond/Crystal; 18 Diamond/Crystal
• Family Travel (travel costs NOT built in the team dues): ALL 11-14s teams; 15 Crystal/Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 16 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 17 Jade/Pearl

For AAL teams, 1st practices will begin on Nov. 7th(Mon) after HS State Championship