2022 Tryouts

Tryouts can be a very stressful time for players and parents. We do our very best to make tryouts as fair, comfortable, fun and productive as possible, while continue to provide a healthy club/tryout experience with openness, diversity and trust. We take great pride in continuing the success of being one of the most competitive and well-respected clubs in the nation.  

What is NEW

  • Normal Season: 2022 tryouts and season planning are based on the assumption of a "normal" club season.
  • Closed Tryouts: 2022 tryouts are closed to ALL spectators/parents for every age group.  We have found that the closed 2021 tryouts kept the players relaxed and focused on the task, not distracted by the spectators. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
  • Early Tryouts: Historically club tryouts have been in Oct/Nov. 2021 season we experimented with having our tryouts earlier in Sept/Oct. before school started. We have decided to hold our tryouts earlier again this year in Aug and Oct, before most schools begin their volleyball seasons because,
    • We received great feedback from our players and coaches for early tryouts last year
    • Most leading clubs in the nation have tryouts in the summer before schools start to allow players to focus on their school seasons and not stress about club tryouts
    • It also allows the team, players and coach to begin early practices to create more competitive teams and players.
    • To avoid holidays and school functions caused by late tryouts in Nov/Dec. 
    • It helps the season planning in terms of tournament registration(opens by Oct 1.), travel reservations(hotel/flight) as well as uniform fitting/ordering. 
    • Be in line with leading clubs in another area of our State, which have announced early Aug tryouts so that players who will try out at these clubs can receive and review their offers at the same time frame. 
  • New CR Policy: Please review the Region's 2022 Tryout Policy HERE, and the Bill of Rights HERESignificant Changes have been made for 2022 tryouts.  
  • Standard Size: We plan to offer 34-36 teams after the downsized 2021 season
  • Memberships: USAV/AAU membership is NOT required for tryouts. 2022 Tryouts is insured by another insurance provider other than USAV/AAU. Please DONOT register USAV or AAU memberships until AFTER you receive/accept our offer. 

Why Academy

  • Premium teaching and learning environment w/ Unique academy model
  • World-Class Coaching Staff w/ Excellence through coaching consistency
  • Best-in-Class Training w/ Fundamental-focused philosophy and comprehensive year-round offerings
  • Top ranked in the nation w/ the highest competitiveness
  • Healthy Club Culture w/ Openness, Diversity and Trust
  • State-of-the-art Facility w/ 9 full-sized courts to ensure training quality and consistent schedules 

Tryout Schedule

USAV Ages Tryouts FREE Open Gym*
*No Registration required
*Waiver needed if not on file
Other Dates
11U (born on or after 7/1/2010)
12U (born on or after 7/1/2009)
Session 1 – Sa, 10/23; 9-11A
Session 2 – Su, 10/24; 830-10A

Sa, 10/2; 1130-1P
Sa, 10/9; 1130-1P
Sa, 10/16; 1130-1P

Info Sessions*

Sa, 10/9;  10-11A
Sa, 10/16; 10-11A                  

Sa, 7/24; 10-11A
Sa, 7/31; 10-11A

* Highly recommended for new players
* 2022 changes will be presented
* Live sessions in our gym


Club Day
(Official celebration)



(born on or after 7/1/2008)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/23; 12-2P
Session 2 - Su, 10/24; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2008)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/23; 6-8P
Session 2 - Su, 10/24; 630-8P 
(born on or after 7/1/2007)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/23; 3-5P
Session 2 - Su, 10/24; 11-1230P
Sa, 10/2; 130-3P
Sa, 10/9; 130-3P
Sa, 10/16; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2007)
Session 1 - Sa, 10/23; 7-9P
Session 2 - Su, 10/24; 4-530P
(born on or after 7/1/2006)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/7; 3-5P
Session 2 - Su, 8/8; 11-1230P 
Sa, 7/24; 1130-1P
Sa, 7/31; 1130-1P
(born on or after 7/1/2006)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/7; 7-9P
Session 2 - Su, 8/8; 4-530P 
(born on or after 7/1/2005)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/7; 12-2P
Session 2 - Su, 8/8; 130-3P
Sa, 7/24; 130-3P
Sa, 7/31; 130-3P
(born on or after 7/1/2005)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/7; 6-8P
Session 2 - Su, 8/8; 630-8P 
17U (born on or after 7/1/2004)
18U (born on/after 7/1/2003 or still in HS)
Session 1 - Sa, 8/7; 9-11A
Session 2 - Su, 8/8; 830-10A
Sa, 7/24; 330-5P
Sa, 7/31; 330-5P


Team Guides

Academy provides the opportunities for wider range of athletes to enjoy the club experiences.
National Teams(19-20): 13 Diamond/Crystal; 14 Diamond/Crystal/Jade; 15 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 16 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 17 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 18 Diamond/Crystal
Regional+ Teams(15-16):  11 Diamond; 12 Diamond/Crystal/Jade/Pearl; 13 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 14 Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 15 Ruby/Sapphire; 16 Ruby/Sapphire

We are proud of offering the most family-friendly program that allows parents' involvement in their children's tournament experiences, especially at the age groups of 11-15's. 
• Team Travel (travel costs are built in the team dues): 15 Diamond/Crystal; 16 Diamond/Crystal; 17 Diamond/Crystal/Jade; 18 Diamond/Crystal
         • If COVID-19 worsens and team travel is no longer possible, family travel will be applied to ALL players. Different pricing can be found in team guides of above-mentioned teams. 
         • The travel option that allows families to choose between team travel and family travel(same as 2021 option) will be considered if deemed necessary at a later date.

• Family Travel (travel costs NOT built in the team dues): ALL 11-14s teams; 15 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 16 Jade/Pearl/Ruby/Sapphire; 17 Pearl

To minimize the interference between high school and club volleyball, our practice schedule is effectively planned as below,
• All 15-18s teams: the regular practices will begin from the week of Oct 18th, when most players' high school season is over
• Only 18 Diamond/Crystal; 17 Diamond/Crystal/Jade; 16 Diamond/Crystal; and 15 Diamond/Crystal will have Sunday(1-3P) practices from Sept. 12 till Oct. 17(9/12; 9/19; 9/26; 10/3; 10/10 & 10/17).
• All 11-14s teams: the regular practices will begin from the week of Nov. 1. 



Subject to change when all qualifier dates are available

Tryout Process

1. Pre-registration
• Review USAV Age to make sure you register the players in the right age groups. In general, we encourage players to play with their school grade. If your player's birthdate does NOT coincide with their Grade but they want to play with their grade, please register based on the birthdate first and then contact us (info@ncacdemyvb.org) to request the movement.
   • Please take time to discuss your desires as a family before registering and heading into our tryouts, so that you can have in mind what you would decide once you receive the offer. 
   • Please review our Team Guide so you are fully aware of the practcie scheudle, team dues, team coaches, as well as the tournament schedule, which you will be committed to.
   • Families completely understand the significant financial commitment of trying out and playing 2022 season at Academy. 
   • Families fully understand their commitment to participate in a travel-based season with out-of-state/town and large indoor tournaments 
   • Families fully understand and support coaches' decisions on "play time" of each team player

2. Register Online(required)
   • 11-14's: $50 by 10/22; $70 from 10/23
   • 15-18's: $50 by 8/6; $70 from 8/7
   • If you tryout for more than one age/level group, additional registration is required.
   • Refunds or credits will NOT be issued for tryout fees.

3Attend Tryouts(required)
   • No parents will be allowed in the gym during the tryouts
   • Recommend athletes to attend both sessions
   • Check-in begins 30 min. prior to tryout time. Please arrive early for preparations(Check-in/Tryout #/Photo)
   • Always be positive and confident on the courts
   • Facial mask is required

4Evaluation & Team Selection
   • We will hold internal discussion with our coaches and management
   • We determine team selection and make offers by the level of team. It is important to attend the 1st session if you target on the national teams.
   • We do our best to move forward as fast as possible

5. Offer Notification
   • We will only make 10-11 offers per team at a time
   • We will contact parents(NOT players) to extend the offer via phone, text messaging, and/or email
   • We will update parents via email and club website the status of process and teams
   • Our goal is to release all offers by 9P, the day after the last tryout session of that age group
   • Be patient if you do not receive our offers since there are still opportunities to be a part of the Academy family

6Your Decisions
   • W
e ask you to notify us your decision(accept or decline) within 48 hours of the offer being made so we can move forward for the best interest of most players in the process.
   • If you accept our offer verbally or via texting/emails, it becomes a binding commitment
   • Once our offer is accepted by you, please notify other clubs and stop attending their tryouts to make their process easier. 
   • Once you accept the offer from another club, please let us know (info@ncacademyvb.org or contact our coaches) and stop attending our tryouts. 

7Signing Paperwork
   • Paperwork process(w/o CR Letter of Commitment) begins right after our offer is accepted by you, we expect our signing papers and 1st payment to be completed within 48 hours of  the email is sent. 

   • As soon as you finish the paperwork online, please complete the uniform fitting in our gym IMMEDIATELY(check Calendar for dates/times)

8Club Day
   Club Day, the official celebration will be offered this year(Date/Time: TBD)


Opens on June 18