Academy Setting School

Setting School provides developing and experienced setters with systematic training that helps them to become capable and confident setters. It is only offered to students at intermediate, advanced and elite levels, aiming at developing individuals for middle/high school, and club teams. Students will be grouped based on skill levels.

♦ Fall Academy (Sep - Oct. 2023) 
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Su. 3-5P:  9/10; 9/17; 9/24; 10/1; 10/15; 10/22; 10/29
♦ Summer Academy (Jul - Aug. 2023)   
Su. 3-5P:  7/9; 7/16; 7/23; 7/30; 8/13; 8/20; 8/27

The goal is to introduce and reinforce basic setting techniques, including footwork, hand/arm/leg position, release of the ball, etc. Repetition are given to students to mater the fundamental skills. Setting are combined with some movements in court.
The goal is to further improve the fundamentals in area of setting and setting position. Setter mobility is the key in training. Some advanced setting skills such as back setting, jump setting, short/quick setting are introduced with some game strategy.
Please check High Performance for your eligibility. 
Online Registration Required