We only offer TWO programs, Club Program(club teams) and Academy Program(skill program). In addition to club teams, Academy Program offers most comprehensive, year-round training options, which focus on developing the individual skills of student-athletes. You will always find options that would work for you.

Youth Academy  - Academy featured program. Our #1 recommendation. It is a year-round training program designed to develop young volleyball students with the focus of systematically teaching fundamentals.

Academy Specific Clinic (ASC) - Our #2 recommendation. ASC is a skill/position specific coaching program designed to focus on different areas of the game: passing, attacking, serving, blocking and digging.

Academy Setting School - Our #1 recommendation for players who would like to become high-level setters or learn how to set.

Academy Power Jump - Power Jump is designed to help players jump higher, move quicker and last longer. We will employ strength training, general conditioning, and plyometric (jump) training to help you reach your potential as a volleyball player.

Academy Spring League - Spring League is a post-season program offering players to continue their skill development while continuing competitive play. 

Academy Camps - We offer various camps including all-skill summer camps, position camps, MS tryout camps, HS tryout camps, holiday camps, track-out camps.

Private Lessons - In the format of private, semi, or small group, it helps player sharpen their competitive edge with the coaches you prefer.

Program Policy:
1. Program size is limited and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis 
2. Minimum and maximum sizes of programs apply. We reserve the right to cancel any program that does not reach minimum requirements.  
3. Group/age/skill levels are established for programs. Group placement/movement are decided by Academy staff/coaches
4. Online registration/payment are required for all programs. Walk-in accepted if space permits, higher fees might apply.
5. Full refund if the program is canceled by Academy. Otherwise, issued credits could be used for other registrations.