Windy City Qualifier: May 14-16, 2021


17 Diamond: 17 Open


Deadline Apr. 5, 2021

• 17 Diamond: These are team-travel teams. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and have some extra rooms for parents on the first-come, first-serve basis BEFORE the deadline.
• If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (, our Travel Coordinator


Website Locations Schedule Spectator Absence
Day 1: Black/White(L)
Day 2: White/Blue(L)
Day 3: Blue/Black(L)

• Depart: 5/13
RDU - FLL; WN1542; 1255-255P
FLL - IND; WN1431; 505-750P
• Return: 5/17
IND - BWI; WN948; 6-735A
BWI - RDU; WN206; 825-940A

• All players meet @ RDU's Southwest ticket counter @ X
• Players will need an ID
• Players should pack volleyball gear/items in their backpack as a carry on in case luggage is lost. You are allowed one checked bag
• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee

Latest Event Update

April 3, 2021

Looking forward to some great competition in about 10 days for the adidas Windy City Qualifier in Indy.  We have run quite a few events this year and look forward to another safe one with great competition.  Those of you who are new to the venue for this year, please read through the below email and make sure to send the attached protocols to your parents as well.

  1. All attendees have to wear a mask at the event. Failure to comply could result in the removal of the team without refunds. Athletes on the court are not required to wear a mask, but are allowed if they so choose. Athletes and coaches on the sideline must mask up.
  2. Current spectator protocol is 30 per team.  Do not try to circumvent the rules as there will be 30 chairs for each court.  The health department and convention center staff will be checking if there are more bodies than chairs at each court.  
  3. Registration will be at the Indianapolis Convention Center in room 139 on Thursday from 3 PM to 9 PM. This is where the staff will check your online waivers and give you a sticker and credentials for the next day to allow you in the facility. Without these credentials and stickers, players and coaches will not be allowed in.  You can only enter through the Washington Street entrance.  Maximum roster size is 12 players and 3 coaches.
  4. At the end of each day, please make sure that one coach checks out at room 139 so that you get credentials for the next day.  However, please make sure your team exits the facility during this time so that we can move the next wave into the facility.  You can give the credentials to the team at the hotel or outside the facility.
  5. There will be 3 waves on Friday and Saturday and a yet to be determined number of waves on Sunday.  Friday and Saturday waves will be at 8 AM, 1230 PM and 515 PM. The afternoon and evening waves will not allow anyone in the facility more than 30 minutes early. Please do not test this as you will have to wait outside the convention center. Halls A through E should enter through the Washington Street entrance and Halls F through K should enter through the Georgia Street entrance.
  6. When teams are finished with play, they must exit the facility. No congregating will be allowed in the facility.  The faster we are able to have people leave the facility, the sooner the next wave will be allowed in.
  7. Pools without work teams (4 team pools) will need to supply 2 people towards the officiating crew for the matches that they are playing in.  The officiating  crew will be 2 line judges, a scoreboard operator, and a scorebook person and will have 2 people from each team contributing to this crew.  These people do not need to be certified, but do need to be competent.
  8. Baller TV will be streaming all matches for people who are not allowed in (and college coaches who are on dead period).

Again, I suggest everyone reading through the posted COVID protocols and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.