Southern Exposure: May 30-31, 2020 - Canceled


13 Diamond: 13's  
14 Diamond: 14's 14 Crystal: 14's
15 Diamond: 15's 15 Crystal: 15's
16 Diamond: 16's 16 Crystal: 16's
17 Diamond: 17's 17 Crystal: 17's


Deadline Jan. xx, 2020

A. 13 Diamond/14 Diamond/14 Crystal: These are family-travel teams. Each family is committed to one room under the club block, and all families MUST reserve their rooms BEFORE the deadline

B. 15 Diamond/15 Crystal/16 Diamond/16 Crystal/17 Diamond/17 Crystal: These are team-travel teams. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and have some extra rooms for parents on a first-come, first-serve basis BEFORE the deadline.

C. If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (, our Travel Coordinator


Website Locations Schedule

Day 1: Black/White(L)

Day 2: White/Black(L)


• Meet @ XXXA, May 29(Friday) @ Academy
• Buses MUST depart @ xx
• Dinner around xx @ Concord Mills

• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee


Latest Event Update(March 25, 2020)

Coach/Club Director,

We hope you are surviving the madness.

We are contacting you because you have registered one or more teams to compete in the Southern Exposure Volleyball Tournament on May 30/31 in Atlanta.

As I am sure you are aware, many of the National Qualifiers have been rescheduled in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Big South is now scheduled for the weekend immediately after Southern Exposure, and we just learned that the Southern Region Bid Tournament has been scheduled for the same weekend as ours. There are rumors about other qualifiers moving to that date as well.

All of that said, we are sorry to announce the cancellation of the Southern Exposure Tournament for this season. It is especially painful because the tournament was totally full and included many of the top teams in the country. Most of those top teams are still seeking bids to nationals, however, so their desire to compete in a bid tournament rather than Southern Exposure is understandable.

If you were traveling from out of town and reserved hotel rooms through our housing agency, you need do nothing more. Your reservations will be cancelled and each person with a reservation will receive a confirmatory email. If you did not go through our housing agency, you will need to contact your hotel directly.

We will do our best to pull this event off in 2021 and beyond, but in the meantime, we want to close this year’s rendition down in an orderly fashion. In a few days we will begin the process of refunding registration fees to those who have paid them. We will send checks via snail mail to the addresses noted on AES. If you have instructions to the contrary, please send that information to right away.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by cancelling the tournament, but the environment in which we are now operating is uncharted territory, so we know you will understand. Hopefully this will all be behind us soon and we can all get back to the work of supporting the sport we love.


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