Northern Lights Qualifier: June 5-7, 2020(New Dates)


15 Diamond: 15 Open 16 Diamond: 16 Open 16 Crystal: 16 USA


• 15 Diamond/16 Diamond/16 Crystal: These are team-travel teams. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and have some extra rooms for parents on the first-come, first-serve basis BEFORE the deadline.
• If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (, our Travel Coordinator

Deadline Apr. 1, 2020
in top right corner select 'Book/Manage Rooms'. Enter the Passcode for your team below to book

Best Western Normandy Inn @ 405 South 8th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404
(10 Doubles Per Team)
16 Diamond  Parent Passcode:  P10680305300320
16 Crystal  Parent Passcode:  P19670305300310
15 Diamond Parent Passcode:  P18670305209390


Website Locations Schedule
Excuse Letter

Day 1: Black/White(L)

Day 2: White/Blue(L)

Day 3: Blue/Black(L)

• Depart: 5/14 @ 12:50P to MDW 1:45P
MDW to MSP 3:00P to 4:30P
• Return: 5/17 @ 7:15P to MDW 8:40P
MDW 9:40P to RDU 12:30A (5/18)
• All players meet at RDU's American ticket counter @ 11A
• Players will need an ID
• Players should pack volleyball gear/items in their backpack as a carry on in case luggage is lost. You are allowed one checked bag

• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee

Latest Event Update:(March 19, 2020)

We have now finalized what we can do with the Northern Lights Qualifier.

Your response to our initial email about moving the event to Memorial Day weekend was overwhelmingly positive.  In fact it was so high that we have come to the conclusion that with USAV Open Nationals also being held in Minneapolis Convention Center on Memorial Day weekend, we do not have enough space to accommodate all of the teams requesting to play.

Therefore the NLQ will be held May 15-17, 2020.  This is Friday to Sunday.   All age divisions will be run on these dates. 

Reasons for making the change from Memorial Day

  • We can accommodate more teams
  • More downtown hotel availability
  • Officials availability – no conflict with USAV Open Nationals
  • No high school graduation conflicts
  • Fewer Memorial Day family vacation conflicts

We are sorry about the change in plans, but like you we are operating in unknown waters.   The below information sounds strict, but we need to move very quickly and we need everyone’s cooperation. 

Here is what you need to do, and other information we have about the event.

General Process

  1. Confirm or Cancel your participation
  2. Re-book hotels
  3. Play and win the tournament

Confirm or Cancel

All teams need to confirm or cancel their participation in the Northern Lights Qualifier to be held on May 15-17, 2020.   

This needs to be done by the Club Director who should send ONE email for all teams indicating each team’s participation or cancellation from the tournament.

To avoid any misunderstanding about your Teams’ participation, all previous emails sent concerning participation or cancellation are no longer valid.  We need you to reply to this email telling us if you are going to participate or if you are cancelling.   (Please do not reply to the earlier Memorial Day email as we are now going to discard those emails.)

If you respond that you are canceling, we will remove your team from the event and issue a refund of the entry fee.   You will receive a cancellation email from us stating that you have canceled and that a refund will be sent. No further action is needed.

If you respond that you are participating in the event on May 15-17 you will be sent a confirmation email stating that we have received your request to remain in the event.

We will confirm teams until we reach our capacity.  Space is limited and your response date/time will be the priority in which we accept teams.

Deadline for Response

In order for your team to maintain its spot in the event or to get a refund, we must have a response from you by Sunday March 22, 5:00 pm.

If you do not respond by Sunday March 22, 5:00 pm, you will forfeit all entry fees paid which you have previously paid and if you wish to enter the event you will need to resubmit your entry and pay a second entry fee.  

Entering Additional teams

On Monday March 23, 9:00 am CDT, we will reopen registration for any new teams wishing to enter the event.  

On Thursday March 26, 3:00 pm CDT we will close registration for any new teams. 

Division Switches

If you wish to switch the division your team is entered in please indicate this in the email you are sending confirming your team’s participation in the event.  Division change requests are subject to space availability, but will most likely be granted for those teams previously registered who are confirming their participation for May 15-17.

Hotel Requirements

This event will remain a Stay & Play event.  The THS Company is still our only authorized housing agency.    They have already cancelled all team’s previous hotel reservations.   You will need to complete new hotel reservations with THS.  

Hotel reservations will open on Wednesday March 25 at 9:00 am CDT.   Reservations will be available on the THS website located at:   You will only be able to make hotel reservations if you have confirmed your participation in the May 15-17 event.

We are sorry, but it is not possible for your team to retain its same hotels because there are now two weekend’s worth of teams who may have booked in the same hotel space.  

Refunds and Cancellations

Once your team has confirmed its participation in the May 15-17 event there will be no refunds granted, except for the Governmental Cancellation clause noted below.

If your team does not confirm or cancel it’s participation by March 22, you will forfeit all previous entry fees paid and no refund of any kind will be made for any reason, including a Governmental Cancellation.

We are sorry if this sounds strict, but due to the short timing of this event once we commit to Convention Center space we will be financially obligated to them.

Governmental Cancellation

If any Governmental authority, including but not limited to Federal, State, City, or local authorities, issues a ruling that causes the event to be canceled we will refund your team’s entry fee.

If a Governmental authority in your team’s state issues a ruling that prohibits or makes travel to the Northern Lights Qualifier not possible, we will refund your team’s entry fee.   This includes a team which may have multiple players quarantined for a period during the event.

Bids & USGJNC Cancelation

USAV has granted the Northern Lights Qualifier it’s normal number of bids.  USAV is considering redistributing unused bids that have accumulated from Qualifiers which are unable to operate, but at this time they have not made any decisions on this.  It is possible we would get additional bids or the thresholds for bids will be lowered, but that is not known at this time.

The USAV office has told us that they are still planning on running the USGJNC’s in Dallas this summer.  However, if USAV were to cancel the USGJNC’s prior to our event we would either continue with our event, or refund entry fees adjusted for unrecoverable expenses.   Rest assured it is not our intention to keep any of your money except to cover expenses such as convention center rent.

Thank You

We understand that this has been an incredibly trying time for all volleyball clubs.   Like you, our kids are excited to get back in the gym and play.   We hope that the COVID-19 situation improves and that we can all get back to playing the game we love.