MAPL Hampton: Jan 25-26, 2020

14 Diamond: Blue  
15 Diamond: Blue 15 Crystal: Blue
16 Diamond: Black 16 Crystal: Blue
17 Diamond: Black 17 Crystal: Black
18 Diamond: Black 18 Crystal: Black


Deadline Jan. 2, 2020
A. 14 Diamond: This is a family-travel team. Each family is committed to one room under the club block, and all families MUST reserve their rooms BEFORE the deadline
B. 15 Diamond/15 Crystal/16 Diamond/16 Crystal/17 Diamond/17 Crystal/18 Diamond/18 Crystal:
These are team-travel teams. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and have some extra rooms for parents on the first-come, first-serve basis BEFORE the deadline.
C. If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (
, our Travel Coordinator


Website Locations Schedule
Absence Excuse

Day 1: Black/Blue(L)

Day 2: Blue/Black(L)

• Meet @ 130P, Jan 24(Friday) @ Academy
• Buses MUST depart @ 2P
• Dinner @  Chick-Fil-A around 6P

• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee

Latest Event Updates

Coaches, Club Directors, and Team Representatives:

The tournament flow and first-round pools are posted for MAPL Hampton in AES! We have recently had a team drop so please double check for the recently updated schedule. 

Be reminded that MAPL events are power-pooled; every match is expected to be challenging. Please also take a moment to look at the tournament flows [under the ‘Files’ tab in AES] as they vary by division [Black/Blue-66 team flow; Red-24 team flow].


We get numerous calls from parents asking questions that are answered below.

A few additional event reminders: LOCATIONS: Every division will have courts at both locations but most [not all] Black and Blue teams will play at the Hampton Road Convention Center [1610 Coliseum Drive]. All Red division matches will be held at the Boo Williams Sportsplex [5 Armistead Pointe Parkway].

  1. POOLS-the MAPL Competition Committee has completed seeding and first round pools are posted in AES. Given the timing of MAPL Hampton there are relatively few results upon which to base seeding but every effort to look at results accumulated through MLK, Jr. weekend were made. Also know that, when appropriate and possible, seeding was slightly adjusted to avoid Club-to-Club match ups and significant Region-to-Region matchups.
  2. SATURDAY WAVE TIMES: COACHES-it is possible that matches could start ahead of scheduled match times if all teams are present.  
    1. BLACK, 8am and 3pm
    2. BLUE, 1130am and 630pm
    3. RED, split division. 8am, 1130am, 3pm, 615pm depending on seed and record. Each Red division team will play in two waves. We have done everything possible to minimize the number of teams playing back-to-back waves.
    4. LAST MATCH Sunday scheduled at 430 PM.
  3. OFFICIATING: the tournament will provide a R1 for every court. Assigned work teams must provide R2, line judges, and scorers. Please watch schedule carefully for work times and make sure your team is on time.
  4. ATHLETIC TRAINERS-will be on-site at both locations throughout the event. Treatment services are free. If you need pre-play taping you must provide your own tape [if you do not have tape anticipate a fee].
  5. TEAM WITHDRAWAL-in the event a team needs to withdraw for any reason please contact as soon as possible.
  6. Spectator Admission/Seating applies to both sites: $20 pp for 2 days; $12 pp for a single day. Spectator tickets will ONLY BE AVAILABLE Admission can be secured the evening prior at the RCC [6-9pm] or beginning at 7am Saturday. Seating is provided, no camp chairs allowed. Tickets can be purchased in advance at for a discounted rate and picked up at the Convention Center location ONLY. 
  7. NO OUTSIDE FOOD in HRCC or Boo Williams Sportsplex. The HRCC has concessions and historically have operated on a cash only basis. Boo Williams also has a concession stands and will take credit cards as a form of payment
  9. COLLEGE RECRUITERS: Coaches will be using University Athlete and AES to track athletes. Athletes are responsible for making sure your UA account is updated.
  10. INSURANCE: MAPL Hampton is sanctioned by USA Volleyball and participants and spectators are covered by USAV’s Secondary Sport Accident Policy. Should you be injured you MUST have an INCIDENT REPORT FORM completed at the event. Questions regarding insurance should be directed to championship desk.
  11. VENDORS: Lucky Dog Volleyball is the official merchandiser and will provide event specific apparel as well as other merchandise and gear. Please visit them during the event.


    1. TEAM CHECK IN-is at championship desk at each location. Teams must check in prior to play and to secure wristbands for players and team coaching staff. One person CAN check in multiple teams. 
      1. ROSTERS as provided in AES will be used for determining how many bands teams receive for athletes and coaching staff. Bands will be given to all up to 3 coaching staff that are USAV background screened and IMPACT certified. Up to one more band will be given to a USAV verified and background checked Team Representative or Chaperone. Staff that are listed on multiple rosters for one club will only receive one band.
      2. Friday, January 24, 7-9pm, Hampton Road Convention Center. RECOMMENDED that teams do advance check in during this time. 
      3. Saturday, January 30-team check in is available at both sites. A coach will need to arrive early to check in and secure bands for players and other team staff.

        If you have any questions contact

        See you soon!