Lone Star Qualifier: Apr 17-19, 2020


17 Diamond: 17 Open 17 Crystal: 17 USA


• 17 Diamond/17 Crystal: These are team-travel teams. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and have some extra rooms for parents on the first-come, first-serve basis BEFORE the deadline.
• If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (krista@ncacademyvb.org), our Travel Coordinator

Deadline Dec. 10, 2019

Email: krista@ncacademyvb.org, Reservation #125709
Enter block reservation # and email address used to set up the block of rooms (team rep/coach should provide this information to you);
2. Select "rooming list" at top;
3. Select next available RED ROOM NUMBER to the left to enter contact, guest list, and credit card information to guarantee room (do NOT select "add room");
4. Team name matters! Be sure to select the correct club and team name in the drop down box. If you do not see your team name, call for assistance;
5. Enter payment information to pay the non-refundable AES booking fee (room charges are not charged at this time; room charges will be handled by the hotel at time of check-in unless otherwise noted in cancellation policy).

We are here to help! If you have any questions or need help booking rooms in your group reservation, please call the EM2 Housing Department at 800-603-0917 during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.  Call volumes may be high so please leave a message and your call will be returned in the order in which it is received.

**Please include your 6-digit reservation number on all communication with EM2 Housing**

EM2 Housing


Website Locations Schedule
Absence Excuse
Day 1: Black/White(L)
Day 2: White/Blue(L)
Day 3: Blue/Black(L)

Depart 4/16th @ 5:50P WN1942 arrive @ 7:20P
ATL @ 9:00P WN2172 arrive to DAL @ 10:10P
• Return: 4/19th @ 6:00P WN3577 arrive @ 9:00P
ATL @ 10:15P WN3795 arrive to RDU @ 11:35P
• All players meet @ RDU's Southwest ticket counter @ 4P
• Players will need an ID
• Players should pack volleyball gear/items in their backpack as a carry on in case luggage is lost. You are allowed one checked bag

• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee