Big South Qualifier: Apr 2-4, 2021


12 Diamond: 12 National 12 Crystal: 12 American        
13 Diamond: 13 USA 13 Crystal: 13 American 13 Jade: 13 American      
14 Diamond: 14 USA 14 Crystal: 14 American 14 Jade: 14 American 14 Pearl: 14 American 14 Ruby: 14 American  
15 Diamond: 15 Open 15 Crystal: 15 USA 15 Jade: 15 American 15 Ruby: 15 American 15 Pearl: 15 American 15 Sapphire: 15 American
16 Diamond: 16 Open 16 Crystal: 16 USA 16 Jade: 16 American 16 Pearl: 16 American 16 Ruby: 16 American  
17 Diamond: 17 Open 17 Crystal: 17 USA 17 Jade: 17 American 17 Pearl: 17 American    
18 Diamond: 18 Open 18 Crystal: 18 American        


A. 12 Diamond/12 Crystal/13 Diamond/13 Crystal/13 Jade/14 Diamond/14 Crystal/14 Jade/14 Pearl/14 Ruby/15 Pearl/15 Ruby/15 Sapphire/16 Pearl/16 Ruby/17 Pearl
These are family-travel teams. Each family is committed to ONE hotel room under the club block, and all families MUST reserve their rooms before the deadline

B. 15 Diamond/15 Crystal/15 Jade/16 Diamond/16 Crystal/16 Jade/17 Diamond/17 Crystal/17 Jade/18 Diamond/18 Crystal
These teams are team-travel unless family-travel option was chosen. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and would like to request families that have chosen family travel to book the same hotel under our block BEFORE the deadline.

C. If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (, our Travel Coordinator


Deadline: December 10th, 2020

Deadline: December 10th, 2020

Booking Instructions:

The link above will send you to the THS website. When you arrive please click on the top right corner of the page that says 'Book/Manage Rooms'. Once there, on the left side of the drop down it will say 'Parent Passcode'. This is where you will enter your individual teams passcode listed down below. From there you will be able to individually book your rooms as normal.


255 Courtland Street NE
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Parent Passcodes:
16 Pearl:   P11610660715310
15 Pearl: P12670460519390
15 Ruby: P11670460519360
15 Sapphire:  P19680460611350
14 Diamond: P19670460610350
14 Crystal: P11680460610360
14 Jade: P18680460611330

Rate $175/Night
Check In:  April 1, 2021
Check Out:  April 4, 2021

Parent Passcodes:
14 Pearl: P19660460519340
14 Ruby: P15680460611310
13 Diamond: P17660460519330
13 Crystal: P14660460519310
13 Jade: P12680460610370
12 Diamond: P18640360416310
12 Crystal: P13680460610390

Hyatt Regency
265 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Parent Passcodes:
18 Diamond:   P19630559408370
18 Crystal: P10640559408380
17 Diamond: P16640559409330
17 Crystal:  P14640559409310
17 Jade: P15640559409320
17 Pearl: P17630559408350


Rate $175/Night
Check In:  April 1, 2021
Check Out:  April 4, 2021

Parent Passcodes:
16 Diamond: P12640559409300
16 Crystal: P14630559408320
16 Jade: P13630559408310
16 Ruby: P11640559408390
15 Diamond: P16630559408340
15 Crystal: P15630559408330
15 Jade: P18630559408360


Website Locations Schedule Spectator Absence Letter Jerseys

D1: Black/White(L)

D 2: White/Blue(L)

D3: Blue/Black(L)


• Meet @ 930A, Apr 1(Thu) @ Academy
• Buses MUST depart @ 10A

• Pick up at main entrance, Building B on Apr. 4
• Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee

Latest Event Update(Feb 17, 2021)

BSQ2021 Attendee Safety Protocols

Good afternoon BSQ2021 Attendees and Teams! 

With BSQ just around the corner and you are all in the midst of scheduling your travel, we wanted to let you know that we have made a small update to our Attendee Safety Protocols:

This year we will only be allowing 26 spectators PER team.

As our medical board and staff continue to evaluate COVID and how it pertains to our event and beyond, we will make changes to our protocols as we feel best protect our attendees, athletes and our staff. As those changes are made, we will make sure to notify you all on our social platforms, website and through our newsletter.

Please know we cannot do this on our own, it is up to you and your teams to help us create the safest environment as possible by abiding by these protocols.

Thank you and we cannot wait to host you in April!

The Big South Staff