Beast of the Southeast(Qualifier): Feb 19-21, 2021


18 Diamond: 18 Open 18 Crystal: 18 American


Deadline Dec. 1, 2020

 Marriott Hotels & Resorts Atlanta Airport Gateway
2020 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, Ga. 30337
Check in:  Feb. 18, 2021
Check out:  Feb. 21, 2021


A. 18 Diamond/18 Crystal: These teams are team-travel unless family-travel option was chosen. We will book the rooms for players and coaches, and would like to request families that have chosen family travel to book the same hotel under our block BEFORE the deadline.

B. If you still need rooms AFTER the deadline, please email Krista McGivern (, our Travel Coordinator


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Spectator Absence Letter Live Jerseys
D1: Black/White(L)

D2: White/Blue(L)

D3: Blue/Black(L)

• Depart: 2/18, RDU - ATL, WN467; 325-455P
• Return: 2/21, ATL - RDU, WN483; 705-830P
Note: Due to COVID-19 flights are constantly changing to ensure the flights are at full capacity (this is already second change within a few days)
 • Meet at RDU's SW counter @ Xpm
• Need to bring an ID
• Pack VB items in the backpack as a carry-on in case luggage is lost. One checked bag is allowed

Dress Code: Academy warmup set & Tee


Latest Event Update (Feb 2, 2021)

Coaches and Club Directors: 

Beast of the Southeast is totally full again this year. With just a few weeks until Beast commences, we wanted to remind you of and alert you to several important issues and requirements to ensure that – from check-in to the final match – your experience exceeds expectations. COVID 19 has added a whole new layer of complexity to volleyball tournaments this year, so we ask that you read this note carefully and forward to those within your organization who need to know: 

1. Several teams have not completed and uploaded their rosters on AES. We ask that you upload your rosters on AES not later than February 15. We will print rosters and assemble our check-in books the following morning, so If we do not have your roster by then, you will be assessed a $20 late roster fee upon check-in. We don’t want your money; all we want is your rosters submitted on a timely basis so that we can speed everyone through check-in. 

2. USAV revised its tiebreaking protocol last season. You might want to review the process in advance of the tournament so you are not taken by surprise:

3. USAV is requiring SafeSport training for coaches and athletes over 17 years old (including those turning 18 during the membership season). This needs to be completed prior to competing at Beast. For details: 

4. Baller TV will be live streaming the tournament, enabling grandma and grandma (and college coaches!) to watch matches without having to travel. For more info, press this link and follow the prompts: 

5. Speaking of college coaches, don’t forget to have your prospective student-athletes contact those who coach at colleges and universities in which they are interested. Though Beast falls in a quiet period this year and Division I coaches are precluded from attending in person, they will be able to scout virtually through Baller TV. Moreover, we expect a plethora of D II, D III and NAIA coaches to be in attendance, so make sure your prospective student athletes reach out to them so they are aware of their interest. 

6. Lastly, we need to say a few words about the pandemic, since it is on everyone’s mind, as evidenced by the fact that we get several emails and calls every day asking about our policies. Our goal is to host a highly competitive tournament, taking safety precautions mandated or advised by USAV and/or local governmental authorities into account. You can read our COVID policies by clicking In addition to the policies described in the aforementioned link, we want to inform you what we are doing for population control, since volleyball tournaments are by their very nature crowded: 

· We’re strictly enforcing all of the recommended covid-19 protocols (mask, temp, etc.) Please, coaches, enforce this with your team. In our experience to date this season we have found that spectators are happy to wear masks while in the gym, while the experience of our athletes varies wildly – a direct function of their coach. We don’t want to staff the tournament with Mask Monitors, but we will do what we have to do to keep our participants safe. Remember… we are all in this together. Mask Up! 

· We have reduced the number of courts from capacity as a means of reducing the number of teams/athletes/spectators in the building. 

· This reduction in courts allows us to space them 25’ apart to allow for some degree of social distancing during competition. 

· We are asking participants to leave the gym if not playing or officiating. They can stake a claim to a corner in the lobby or one of our designated staging areas or on a vacant court, or – weather permitting – they can wait outside. Or wait in a car. 

· We are staggering start times on Friday/Sat. to encourage social distancing during check-in. 

· We are discouraging the attendance of youngsters by charging admission for 4-year-olds and up. 

· We are formatting the tournament on Sunday to “get ‘em in and get ‘em out” by playing matches consecutively rather than allowing breaks between matches. While this will result in many back-to-back matches, the trade-off in crowd control is well worth this adjustment. 

· About population control: We have been running this tournament for 10 years and have averaged 1.5 spectators per athlete over that time horizon. By decreasing the number of courts/teams from previous years, the math works out to about 1.2 spectators per athlete as compared to previous years. 

· All of that said, we know it is going to be crowded. Such is the nature of these events. We also know that parents love to watch their kids play, so we are reluctant to impose spectator restrictions other than the those already stated. 

· Those who are not satisfied with these measures may watch from a distance on Baller TV. 

Thanks in advance for your participation in our signature tournament and we look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in a few weeks. If this email prompts any questions, please direct them to

Your tournament Staff