AAU Grand Prix: Feb 15-16, 2020


17 Pearl: 17's


• 17 Pearl: This is a family-travel team. Please click above to find out the hotel options offered by the host. 


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Day 1: Black/Blue(L)

Day 2: Blue/Black(L)

No club bus offered for this event. All players travel with their parents.


Latest Event Update:

Good afternoon, 
We are looking forward to the tournament tomorrow.  A couple of additional pieces of information that was not included in the coaches manual.  

1.  DO NOT BRING WARMUP BALLS.  We will have carts with warmup balls on all courts, including at Olympic High School.
2.  Spectator Entry Fees are $15/$10 for Weekend/single day.  Please inform families competing at Olympic that we are CASH ONLY at Olympic High School.  At CUVC will have both cash and credit card availability, credit cards will have fees applied to their charges.  
3.  Coaches Check-in will begin at 7:00 am at both Olympic and CUVC.  Each coach will receive 3 free wristbands.
4.  18's Only:  On Sunday teams will go into either Silver Pools or Gold Pools.  The winner of each pool will play in the finals of that division.  For Gold Pools only, if there is a three way tie we will play out the tie.  In the silver pool, ties will be broken using set percentage first, then points (we will not play out the tie).
5.  Facilities:  At CUVC, we utilize Porta-potties and convert all inside bathrooms into women's restrooms.  

That's all for now, looking forward to a great weekend!