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#13 Mckenna Zelna

Contact Info
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Home Phone: 919-244-8726
Mobile Phone: N/A


Team: N/A

Position: L/DS

Primary Hand: Right

Primary Foot: Right

Standing Touch: 7' 2"

Approach Touch: 9' 5"

Block Touch: 9' 3"


Graduation: 2022

School: Middle Creek

GPA: 4.34




DOB: Apr 10, 2004

Height: 5'9

Weight: N/A


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Athletic Accomplishments

Mckenna has played on 13 Black (middle blocker) at NC KAT then 14 Diamond (OH playing six rotations), 15 Diamond (OH playing six rotations) and is currently on 16 Diamond as a DS/LIbero at NC Volleyball Academy.  She was selected for varsity as a freshman at Middle Creek High School where she was a starter playing right side. As a sophomore she played as a six rotation OH and was named Offensive Player of the Year 2019, All Conference First Team 2019, and Academic All Conference 2019.

Other Accomplishments

Nominated by teachers for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders 2020

Nominated by teachers for the AP Capstone Degree.  Accepted into the program as a rising sophomore.

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