Coach Assignment

Academy is proud of its world-class coaching staff. There are no other clubs that can match up to the professionalism and international experience seen within the coaching staff. The coaching team is led by Coach Li, an Olympic and national coach (head coach of China's National Women's Team), Coach Bunn, a collegiate coach with over 20 years of Division I coaching experience, respectively.

Supervised and trained by Coach Li and Coach Bunn, all Academy coaches follow the consistent teaching guidelines and all practices are conducted at high levels with consistent approaches. Academy is the only local volleyball organization that can deliver programs with such consistency and quality.

2019 Coach Assignment  
  Diamond Crystal Jade Non-Team Coaches  
18s Fiona Barkley
Tania Stafford/Kolby Meeks 
    Resource Coaches: Eduardo Castillo; Uma Balasundaram; Sandra Yee-BenedettoAmy Wagner
Strength Coach: 
Gregory Moss
17s Bryan Bunn
Kennedey Paine'15
Audrey Hoffman/Coach Li/Karen Cao
Crystal T

Tammy Choboy/Ross Fields/Ingrid McCree
Tammy Choboy
Corrinna Sammons
  Diamond Crystal Jade Pearl Ruby Sapphire Onyx AAU Boys
16s   Jon Garner
Andi Bentley
Bruce Cao
Angie Buchholz
Krista McGivern
Shira Wells
Elizabeth Ledford
Cindy Kelly
Greg Havenstein
Karen Cao
Erik Hofheinz
Audrey Hoffman
15s Karl Redelfs
Alicia Paeplow
Nadiya Omarova
Sam Smith'15
Brian Bushelow
Rebekah Bushelow
Alicia Paeplow
Jon Garner
Emily Rice
Joe Kolousek 
Joe Chen
Latacha DeOliveira
Aidan Carroll
Meg Ashness
14s Casey Salchert
Coach Li
Meg Ashness
Crystal R
Ross Fields/Nicole Barnes 
Crystal T
Tania Stafford/Latacha DeOliveira
Shantel Moore
Jeff Feuerhelm
Tom Yount
Anne Yount
Tim Sullivan
Erica Lenzen
Mark Huffer
Josie Richardson
Izzy Piedmonte
Greg Havenstein
  Aidan Carroll
13s Latacha DeOliveira
Coach Li
Selena Dickinson
Daphne Stam
Josie Richardson
Ross Fields
Shira Wells
Spencer Reynolds
Anne Yount
Dan Thomas
Nadiya Omarova
Melissa Cornett
12s Daphne Stam
Coach Li
Lorraine Hudak
Kolby Meeks 
Casey Salchert
Tempestt Frazier

* Academy reserves the right to make changes