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Youth Academy Summer & Summer Camps are open

► Our popular Youth Academy Summer programming is released and online registration is open. We add Friday besides regular Sunday session in summer to meet the increasing demand. Please check details HERE
► Want to get trained by top coaches in the nation? Join our Summer Camps, the best-training camps on the market! We offer High Performance(HP) camps for top club players (limited spots by positions).

Academy Spring League Open Now

Besides Academy AAU teams, we offer another continuing playing program, Academy Spring League. This cost-effective option offers post-season developing and playing experience. Players will either form their own teams or be placed on a team at their age/level. Join us & Have FUN! 

Academy AAU Tryouts Open Now

Academy offers continuing club experiences for players seeking extended season. We offer one team in each age group(12s/13s/14s/15s/18s) to continue playing at AAU National. Tryouts online registration(required) is open to everyone including Academy and non-Academy players.

Winter Academy Registration Opens Now!

Academy releases Winter Academy'14, the winter programming of our year-round offering. It includes popular Youth Academy, Team Position Clinics(Academy team players only), Power Jump, and Holiday camps.
Online registration is required. Please sign up now!

2015 Regional Updates

Academy shines at the regional events with the following top finishes:

Mar 28 Championships
12 Diamond: 3rd/12 East/D1
14 Diamond: 3rd/14 East/D1
14 Crystal: 2nd/14 East/D2
15 Diamond: Champion/15 East/D1
15 Pearl: 1st/15 East/D4
Mar 21 Championships

13 Diamond: 3rd/13 East/D1
16 Diamond: 3rd/16 East/D1
16 Pearl: 1st/16 east/D4
17 Diamond: Champion/17 East/D1
17 Crystal: 3rd/17 East/D1

18 Diamond: Champion/18 East/D1
Mar 14
12 Diamond: 2nd/12 East/D1
12 Crystal: 2nd/12 East/D2
14 Diamond: 3rd/14 East/D1
14 Jade: 1st/14 East/D3
14 Pearl: 1st/14 East/D5
15 Diamond: 1st/15 East/D1
15 Crystal: 1st/15 East/D3
15 Jade: 1st/15 East/D4
15 Pearl: 3rd/15 East/D5
Feb 28:
13 Crystal: 3rd/13 East/D2
13 Pearl: 3rd/13 East/D3
16 Jade: 3rd/16 East/D2
17 Crystal: 3rd/17 East/D1
18 Crystal: 3rd/18 East/D1
Feb 21
12 Diamond: 3rd/12 East/D1
14 Jade: 1st/14 East/D6
14 Pearl: 2nd/14 East/D7
15 Jade: 5th/15 East/D3
15 Pearl: 5th/15 East/D4

Feb 14
13 Pearl: 3rd/13 East/D3
16 Diamond: 1st/16 East/D1
17 Diamond: 2nd/17 East/D1
18 Diamond: 3rd/18 East/D1
Feb 7
12 Diamond: 1st/12 East/D1
14 Crystal: 5th/14 East/D1
Jan 31:
13 Diamond: 2nd/13 East/D1
13 Pearl: 2nd/13 East/D2
16 Jade: 1st/16 East/D2
16 Pearl: 1st/16 East/D4
17 Crystal: 3rd/17 East/D1
18 Crystal: 2nd/18 East/D1
Jan 24:
15 Pearl: 2nd/15 East/D4
Jan 17:
13 Crystal: 1st/13 East/D1
13 Pearl: 1st/13 East/D2
Jan 10:
11 Diamond: 3rd/12 East/D2
12 Diamond: 1st/12 East/D1
14 Crystal: 3rd/14 East/D2
14 Pearl: 1st/14 East/D4
15 Diamond: 1st/15 East/D1
15 Crystal: 2nd/15 East/D2
15 Jade: 3rd/15 East/D3
Jan 3:
13 Diamond: 1st/13 East/D1
13 Crystal: 2nd/13 East/D2
13 Jade: 3rd/13 East/D3
13 Pearl: 3rd/13 east/D4
16 Diamond: 2nd/16 East/D1
16 Crystal: 2nd/16 East/D2
16 Jade: 2nd/16 East/D3
17 Diamond: 2nd/17 East/D1
18 Diamond: 3rd/18 East/D1
18 Crystal: 2nd/18 East/D1

Academy 2015 Club Season Begins!

With a record-breaking number of 455 student-athletes attending 2015 tryouts, Academy has successfully formed 23 competitive club teams from the age group of 11s to 18s. Our world-class coaching team and top-line training quality with healthy club culture attract 245 student-athletes to commit to Academy for 2015 season. After a short history of five club seasons with a series of great successes, Academy has become one of the top choices for student-athletes at tryouts. 

2015 club season begins now. GO ACADEMY!

Academy Calendar

919.412.9394 • info@ncacademyvb.org • 4234 Surles Court, Suite 250, Durham, NC 27703