18 Diamond takes it all at MAPL Hampton

Date Posted: 1/29/2020

The Mid-Atlantic Power League is a power league series for elite junior girls’ volleyball teams along the mid-Atlantic coast. These events are held each year and feature 3 divisions with teams competing among different ages, 13-14, 14-16, and 16-18. Our Diamond teams, 14 and older, and 15-18 Crystal’s visited the first MAPL event this past weekend and every match was a battle.

Each team played a minimum of 4 games on the first day with the club as a whole going 25-13. 15 Diamond was the only undefeated team going in to day 2. As teams battled throughout the second day, all teams finished in the top half of their divisions and 5 in the top 20! 14 Diamond went undefeated on day 2, finished 1st in the Copper A division. 15 Diamond began the day strong with 2 wins, but ended up losing in the semifinals and took 3rd overall. 18 Diamond had best weekend overall, only losing 1 match at the beginning of the weekend, but rallied back and finished strong defeating Metro 18 Travel to win the Black division! This is now the second weekend in a row 18’s have walked away wearing gold. Overall a great weekend had by all, next up – Queen City Classic!

14 Diamond – 25th/66 (Blue 14-16s Division)
15 Diamond – 3rd/66 (Blue 14-16s Division)
15 Crystal – 35th/66 (Blue 14-16s Division)
16 Diamond – 13th/66 (Black 16-18s Division)
16 Crystal – 17th/66 
(Blue 14-16s Division)
17 Diamond – 5th/66 (Black 16-18s Division)
17 Crystal – 29th/66 (Black 16-18s Division)
18 Diamond – 1st/66 (Black 16-18s Division)
18 Crystal – 29th/66 (Black 16-18s Division)