Welcome to 2021 Club Season
Better Volleyball, Safer Season!

Better Volleyball: with our world-class coaching and competitiveness of teams/players, your club experience will be BETTER even amidst potential tournament cancellations
Safer Season: with FEWER(max of 7) teams in the gym at a time and other stricter safety precautions in the gym and on the road, we will keep you SAFER.

Academy is excited to announce the 2021 Club Season Tryout. We have taken great strides to plan accordingly 

  • to ensure the safety of our athletes and coaches as we continue to operate under as much normalcy as we can during this COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • to be committed to offering the athletes the best club experience in providing and planning a fully functional and operational club season with safety measures and protocols put in place 
  • to accommodate the uncertainty of our club season and allow our athletes the opportunity to play club volleyball as well as play within the NCHSAA school volleyball without  much disruptions than what we have all already experienced in this unprecedented time.

Club Tryouts Outlook

With all the latest developments and announcements in our area and for the best interest of volleyball athletes, we have to, unfortunately, change the tryout dates from our original plan of following Region Guideline of Oct 3. to the following structure, 

  • Split tryout period into TWO waves. Find details on Key Dates page
  • Wave 1, begins Sept 12., will be for our national or top teams in each age group 
  • Wave 2, Dates TBD, will be for our Regional and Regional Plus teams and will be planned around the development of COVID-19 and the High School Athletic Season with details to be posted at a later date. 
  • This allows Academy to put the safety of our athletes and coaches at a much lower risk by operating on a reduced scale with less teams in the gym at one time (Max. of 5 team instead of 9 at full capacity). 
  • In addition, by doing Wave 2 at a later date it may impact the number of teams we have originally planned but will allow us to support the smaller clubs in our area to have the opportunity to fill up their teams during the Carolina Region official tryout dates. 
  • Academy will continue to support and understand the pressures student athletes feel during the tryout process and will make your experience as detailed, fair, comfortable and fun as we continue to provide a healthy club/tryout experience with openness, diversity and trust. We take great pride and continue each season to understand the principal value of junior sports, families, our student-athletes and our coaching staff in continuing the success of being one of the most competitive and well-respected clubs in the nation. 
  • A tryout application needs to be filled out prior to tryouts and no walk in will be allowed. Tryouts will adhere to our COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Preparedness Plan. If for some unforeseen reason you cannot attend tryouts due to conflicts please email info@ncacademyvb.org.  We highly encourage and recommend you do everything possible though to make plans to attend. 
  • Due to the limited space caused by COVID-19, we highly recommend you to review all available information first, and register for our tryouts ONLY when you have serious interest in our teams to make the process easy for all parities involved.   
  • Tryouts is insured by the separate insurance provide other than USAV since we are out of the recommended time period.   

Club Team Outlook

  • During Wave 1, Academy plans to offer national teams for 13s(2), 14s(4); 15s(4); 16s(4); 17s(3), to 18s(2), and regional plus teams for 11s(1), 12s(2), 13s(1). 
  • During Wave 2 (TBD), Academy plans to offer regional plus teams for 14s(2), 15s(1), 16s(1). 
  • You can find more team info on Team Guide page
  • Check our WorldClass Coach Assignment
  • The cost for national teams are normally higher. Please check Team Guides to view the detailed fee and payemnt information before registering for national tryouts. 

Club Travel Outlook

  • Academy understands the principal value of junior sports and is proud of offering the most family-friendly program that allows parents' involvement in their children's tournament experiences, especially at the age groups of 11-15's. Unlike most other local clubs, Academy strategically offers two travel options: Family-Travel policy(travel costs NOT built in the team dues) and Team-Travel policy (travel costs built in the team dues).
  • For 2021 season, currently Academy plans to have Team Travel  for 15 Diamond, 15 Crystal, 15 Jade, 16 Diamond,16 Crystal,16 Jade,17 Diamond, 17 Crystal, 17 Jade, 18 Diamond, 18 Crystal; and Family Travel  for 11 Diamond, 12 Diamond, 12 Crystal, 13 Diamond, 13 Crystal, 13 Jade, 14 Diamond, 14 Crystal, 14 Jade, 14 Pearl,15 Pearl, 16 Pearl, 16 Boys teams as well as all wave 2 teams. 
  • However, due to COVID-19 concerns, we decide to offer TWO travel options for the above teams that are under Team Travel category. They can choose between Team Travel and Family Travel options with different team dues by a deadline defined by Academy. Please see individual Team Guides for details. 
  • Team Travel involves transportation via bus, airline, over night and out of state travel on the team basis managed by Academy.  
  • We are still in the process of developing policies with regards to COVID-19 leading up to tryouts. We will continue daily to monitor the changes that take place in regards to the pandemic and what effect it will continue to have for club volleyball and our student athletes and families.

Financial Policy in Regards to COVID-19

In regards to COVID-19 and how it may effect our season with tournament cancellation or season abruptly ending, Academy will refund all the unused funds and provide a detailed fee structure once the teams are formed for the 2021 season. 

Why Academy

  • Premium teaching and learning environment with unique academy model
  • World-Class Coaching Staff with Excellence through coaching consistency
  • Best-in-Class Training with Fundamental-focused philosophy and comprehensive year-round offerings
  • Top ranked in the nation with the highest competitiveness
  • Healthy Club Culture with Openness, Diversity and Trust
  • State-of-the-art Facility with 9 full-sized courts to ensure training quality and consistent schedules 

Boys Teams

Academy will offer ONE Boys 16U team. Find open gym and tryout info HERE

                                                                   2021 Tryout Agreement
- Due to the reduced number of teams we can offer caused by COVID-19, we highly recommend you to register our tryouts ONLY when you have serious interest in our teams
- Please take time to discuss your desires as a family before registering and heading into our tryouts, so that you can have in mind what you would decide once you receive the offer. 
- Once the offer is extended to you, we kindly ask you to notify us your decision(accept or decline) within 48 hours of the offer being made so we can move forward for the best interest of most players in the process.  
- Once our offer is accepted by you, please notify other clubs and stop attending their tryouts to make their process easier. 
- Once you accept the offer from another club, please let us know (info@ncacademyvb.org or contact our coaches) and stop attending our tryouts. 
- Paperwork process(without CR Letter of Commitment) begins right after our offer is accepted by you, we expect our signing papers and 1st payment to be completed within 48 hours of  the email is sent. 
- Families completely understand the significant financial commitment of trying out and playing 2021 season at Academy. 
- Families fully understand their commitment to participate in a travel-based season with out-of-state/town and large indoor tournaments 

Tryout Registration