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#8 Ava Augustson

Contact Info
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Home Phone: 919-600-2762
Mobile Phone: N/A


Team: N/A

Position: Outside Hitter

Primary Hand: Right

Primary Foot: Right

Standing Touch: 7' 8"

Approach Touch: 9' 9"

Block Touch: 9' 4"


Graduation: 2021

School: Cary High School

GPA: 3.8




DOB: Jun 28, 2003

Height: 5'11

Weight: N/A


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Athletic Accomplishments

OH for NC Volleyball Academy 16 Diamond

USMC Sports Academy -  Leadership Award 2019

2018 Led Cary High School Varsity in Kills, led team to first state playoff appears since 2008.

2018 Cary High School Varsity 6 rotation starter (OH)

2017 Cary High Varsity Coach's Award 

2017 Cary High School Varsity Volleyball Team, Freshman 6 rotation Starter, Letterman (OH)

2017 Triangle Volleyball Academy 15 White (OH)

2016 Triangle Volleyball Academy 14 Silver (OH)


Other Accomplishments

2018 Cary High School Student Honor Roll

2018 Artwork Chosen to represent Cary High School in Art Show

2017 Cary High School Student Honor Roll

2017 Cary High School Student Government Association


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